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Jump Start (Ages 7-12)

Focus: Foundational movement mechanics, coordination, core strength and self-esteem

  Did you know that one of the most powerful components of self-esteem is confidence?  Did you also know that competence builds confidence? One of the most significant gifts we give to your athlete is a strong sense of competence in their ability to run, jump, land and get stronger, leading to a BIG boost in their confidence and an amazing rise in their self-esteem!   The Parisi Speed School Jump Start Program is divided into Jump Start 1 (7-9 yrs old) and Jump Start 2 (10-12 yrs old). These are the critical years in a child’s life for motor skill development, so this is a great time to start your child on the path to athletic success.   Our signature sports performance training including speed training, youth agility training and youth strength training is designed to improve coordination, running mechanics, change of direction capabilities and overall body strength. Parisi Speed School’s Jump Start (7-12) is a must for any young athlete who wants to develop foundational athletic skills to gain a competitive edge.   Every athlete in the Jump Start Program first goes through our mandatory comprehensive evaluation to assess strengths and weaknesses in areas such as speed, agility and coordination.   The Jump Start Program incorporates youth speed training and youth agility training techniques to enhance:  
  • Coordination
  • Running Mechanics
  • Acceleration/Deceleration
  • Change of Direction
  • Core Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Agility
  • Injury Prevention
  • Self-Confidence

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