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As the industry leader in sports performance enhancement, we will continue to deliver a positive training experience utilizing science based methods that improves speed of movement and strength in character.

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Why Parisi?


  • Parisi has been training youth for 25+ years
  • Parisi has trained over 190 NFL Draft Choices, as well as athletes who went on to compete at the highest levels of their particular sport including the NBA, MLS, NHL, MLB, UFC Fighting and the Olympics.
  • Parisi  is considered the Leader in Youth Sports Performance.

Injury Prevention

  • Parisi uses proprietary performance methodology that has been the foundation and signature of our company
  • Parisi training protocols are continually updated based on our work with some of the top athletic performance research doctors in the world
  • Parisi works closely with Dr. Stuart McGill, a renowned professor of spine bio mechanics who has published 350+ studies on back pain and performance enhancement. Dr. McGill has revolutionized fitness industry

Access to World Class Doctors

  • Parisi Speed School partners with Atlantic Sports Health, doctors for the NY Jets. Parisi Speed School of Morris is located in the AHS Orthopedic building with AHS docs and physical therapy.
  • If a Parisi athlete is injured there is Immediate Access (within 48 hours) to AHS Docs. This is a huge comfort to our parents and athletes.
  • Parisi Athletes receive concierge level treatment from world class physicians as a benefit from being a Parisi client.

Get Evaluated – Up Your Game!

The most important first step for any athlete considering a performance-training program is to have a full assessment completed by one of our certified Parisi Performance coaches.  

The Parisi coach will have the athlete do a warm-up followed by a series of speed, power, and agility tests during which we record times/measurements and analyze functional movement (i.e. squat form, running form, change of direction technique, jumping/landing efficiency, etc.) throughout the session.   

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Natalie Lalin

Owen Wolfsen

AnnaBelle Zebrowski

Bill Parisi – Team Training

Vincenzo Bernardo – Former Pro-Soccer Player

Aaron King – Former Parisi Athlete



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