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Jeff Boucher – Co-Owner, Managing Partner, Performance Coach

Jeff grew up in East Hanover, NJ with a love of sports from as far back as he can remember. He has fond recollections of his dad as his coach, who also headed up the football and baseball programs for a number of years.

Jeff played football and baseball throughout his childhood years, which helped positively shape the person he became. When he got to Hanover Park High School he played football, but then became passionate about Tae Kwon Do and focused on that sport throughout his high school years and beyond.

Jeff started his coaching career in his early 20’s and has enjoyed every minute of it for over 30 years now. He has coached football, baseball, softball and soccer from the kindergarten level right up through high school teams.

Jeff became passionate about performance training when he saw the improvement it made in kids he was working with. He went to work with Parisi Corporate developing the Parisi training network across the country for 5 years and then he, along with his partner Matt Lucarello, purchased the Parisi Morristown location.

Jeff has been eager to help young people achieve their personal goals not only in athletics, but also in life. He spent many of his years working with youth in a variety of settings. He started

 an organization called Touch the World that took pre-teens and teens around the world building orphanages, schools and churches as well as developing leaders who would positively impact the upcoming generation.

Jeff’s talents and experience are now being utilized here at the Parisi Speed School of Morristown where he connects with youth and high school coaches and helps educate them on the value of evidence based performance methodologies that can help their athletes compete at the highest levels. He also presents seminars to parents on sports performance training and how to philosophically approach the wide world of youth sports.

Specialties: Communication, Motivation, Performance Training, Parent and Coach Education, business development. 

Matt Lucarello – Co-Owner, Program Director, Performance Coach

Matt started out his athletic interest at a very young age taking to all sports including baseball, football, Track & Field, and wrestling, all of which he played through high school. During his college years at Rutgers University, he continued his athletic pursuits via the martial arts of Brazilian Jujitsu and Muay Thai, while earning a degree in Exercise Physiology.

Matt’s fascination with the mechanics of the human body instilled in him a passion to pursue and earn a degree and licensure as a Physical Therapy Assistant as well as certification as a Message Therapist. This unique combination has led Matt into working with athletes of all ages and levels including NFL, MLB, WPS, D1/Ivy League athletes, and even gold medal winning Olympic athletes on team USA Soccer (women’s) and Track & Field. Matt’s talents and experience are now being utilized here at the Parisi Speed School of Morristown where he evaluates and instructs young athletes on injury prevention and sports performance, helping them on their way to achieving higher levels of performance than they thought possible.

Specialties: Performance Evaluation, Return to Sport protocol, marathoners, and power-based sports.

Licensure/Certifications: Licensed Physical Therapy Assistant (with continued education focus in Speed/Agility and Runner’s Rehab), Licensed Message Therapist, FMS, Parisi Performance Coach, Alloy Personal Training Solutions, CPR-BLS, ROTEXmotion

Terrence Fabor – Head Trainer, Elite Peak Performance Coach

Terrence is a graduate of Clifton High School where he played football as a middle linebacker for four years, three as a varsity player. In his senior year he recorded a personal best in Track & Field in the shot put (52 ft.) While at Clifton he earned All-League honors and was selected to the County All-Star Teams.

Terrence went on to play outside linebacker at the collegiate level at William Paterson University where he earned a bachelor degree in Exercise Physiology. Terrence is a veteran sports performance trainer of more than 17 years who has deep convictions that exercise and fitness improves one’s lifestyle physically, mentally and emotionally. Terrence has trained athletes at the highest levels

including: NCAA D1, D2 and D3, NFL, CFL, Olympics, IBL and MLL.

Specialties: Individuals and Teams at the Elite level

Certifications: Certified Performance Specialist by NASM, FMS, CPR, First Aid, Method, Alloy, USA Weightlifting Level 1, NSCA, Parisi Performance Coach Level 1

Mike Thwing- Performance Coach

Mike attended Jefferson Township High School and Competed year round in track.

He not only earned his varsity letters in all 4 years, but also received All State Honors. In addition, Mike played basketball for 2 years at the varsity level.

Mike later took his passion for track and field to Kean University where developed into a skillful and impactful player at the collegiate level. Mike graduated with a Bachelor degree in Fitness and now uses his knowledge to inspire and train young athletes into confident, skilled and passionate players. Mike’s overall love for fitness makes him ideal to work with both kids and adults.

Specialties: Team Training, Adult Fitness, Track & Field (sprinting and jumping events), Basketball

Certifications: First Aid & CPR, AED, NCSF, Parisi Speed School Performance Coach

Ken Bucsko- Performance Coach

Since childhood, I have always been an active person. I initially grew up with martial
arts, specifically taekwondo. I invested a ton of time with taekwondo and still to this
day reap the benefits in terms of flexibility. Heading into my early teens I made a
seamless transition to basketball, where I enjoyed the skill based game and had
loads of fun with the movements involved with the game. The moment where my
athletic career made a drastic turn was when I tried out for my cross-country team
heading into my freshman year of high school. Let’s just say running and I have a
connection, tied together through unique experiences I was only able to attain
through the sport of track and field. Track has shaped my personality today.
Through the sport, I came to understand pain; it made me tough. I came to
understand patience; progression takes time, which is only achieved through hard
work and consistency. Perhaps the most important, track and field has shown me
love. There is not a single activity on this Earth that I enjoy more. It is this reason
that I continue to train outside of school, with the hopes of one day representing
Team USA on the track.

Once you understand me a little bit it makes sense to see why I went to college to
study the human body and exercise physiology. I graduated from Rutgers University
with a bachelor of science (B.S.) and have since been on a mission to apply all my
knowledge to aid young, hungry athletes in reaching their full potential. Along with
my formal education I am also certified as a Certified Strength and Conditioning
Specialist (CSCS) through the NSCA and as a Certified Speed and Agility Coach
(CSAC) through the NSPA. I truly love human movement and the process of coaching
athletes achieve efficient positions so that their power can be ideally utilized. I never
had access to a facility like Parisi growing up, so I feel I missed out because kids can
see numerous benefits through our program. I also never had a coach that resonated
with me, which is why I take the coaching role so seriously. It is my ultimate goal to
prepare any athlete physically, mentally, and emotionally to perform to their best
once they step out onto the field or court.

Specialties: Running Technique & Mechanics, Track & Field, and Martial-Arts 

Licensure/Certifications: CSCS, CSAC, Parisi Performance Coach Certification

Noelle Pool- Performance Coach

Noelle Pooler – Assistant Receptionist and Sports Performance Coach

Noelle joined the Parisi Speed School Morristown Team in the Fall of 2018 as an Intern and now currently assists as an Assistant Receptionist at the Front Desk as well as a Performance Coach.

Noelle is also a Fall 2018 graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelor of Science in Health, Physical Education, and Exercise Science. Passionate about health and wellness, she has served on a couple of mission and community health trips while in school in hopes of spreading health education, and empowering communities with the tools needed to succeed physically and socially.

She is excited to bring this same passion to Parisi and is looking forward to continuing her positive impact.

Licensure/Certifications: CSCS, Parisi Performance Coach Certification

Luis Silva- Intern

Luis is Senior at Montclair State, part time fitness instructor at Lakeland Hills The Y, and will graduate with a bachelors degree  in Exercise Science with a concentration in strength and conditioning. He also manages to find time to volunteer at his local gym to train members in lifting with proper form and technique so he can help them progress in strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Luis has always had a passion for, and fascination in, body building He has competed in weight lifting for 4 years. He is currently studying for his CPT certification in Personal training for NASM and FNS nutrition certification. His goal is to become a strength and conditioning coach and share that same passion with others with the goal of one day owning his own gym.

Luis is now interning at Parisi Speed School of Morristown under some of the very best coaches in sports performance training. He is very excited about this opportunity of coaching along side top practitioners in the field of athletic performance.

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